What’s Wrong With Eli Manning?


Eli Manning of the NY Giants sucks! I love the guy’s durability, citizenship and two Super Bowl wins but lately his play selection and ability to finish games has become emblematic of the offense’s play. Frankly they all suck right now. The defense is tiring in the fourth quarter and the only bright light is the NYJets whose play is causing Giants’ fan like me an upset stomach. New York sports are a mess, Joe Girardi must be smoking K2 to not challenge that play; thank God Carmelo is gone, good riddance with his no defense ass; the Mets? What a joke, all that young pitching ruined. The Rangers let teams score eight goals against them, what are they playing? Baseball; and the Islanders can’t even find an arena where to play. Why not, 10302? Thank God the Devils are playing well and hopefully the Nets and my beloved N.Y. Knicks will improve as we hope Eli and the Giants will do to finish the 2017 season. I love all NY area teams, WNBA, NYCFC and all the others and want and demand WINS!

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