GUN control, what now?

The latest massacre opens up the debate which I feel is quite simple to solve; the United States needs to use a better vetting process. How this young man who seems to be mentally challenged got this legal weapon? Where are the Red Flags? I have social media, please check me out before you sell me a gun, please go ahead. Anyone who believes that companies don’t do it before hiring you is a fool in my book. But, 1st Amendment questions will arise of course however we are at critical mass I believe and answers are needed to a problem that will not go away. Culturally, socio-economically, psychologically, politically AMERICA IS SOCIOLOGICALLY SICK AND DYING FROM WITHIN. LET M.E. TELL YOU:Answers are needed NOW! I love my students to DEATH, AND THOSE TEACHERS, THOSE REAL MARTYRS NEED TO BE GLORIFIED AS THEY MADE THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE FOR THEIR CHARGES. GOD BLESS U.S. ALL ! I know people who would have given their lives to save those poor boys and girls. The response from Washington, D.C. Very hollow and insincere, really sucks that politicians only care about votes and popularity polls. THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT “bone spurs” 5 deferments war dodger tough guy. God saves U.S. Pray for the families and hug your children.

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