Black Lives Really Don’t Matter

Brooklyn is on fire as another Black man is senselessly shot down by the Blue Wall. It seems that the orders for NYPD from above is shoot first, ask questions later. Brother Lavell was well known to police as he had 17 priors mostly for assaults. Hey, wait WHY DO I KNOW THIS? NYPD BECAME TRANSPARENT to cover their asses.

Honestly the brother looked like he was packing and I wonder where were his support group to take him home and provide meds. I don’t know but police are too quick to pull trigger and their center mass kill zone is inherently racist as it forces cops to go for the kill. Racist? Yes because NYPD serves and protects the tony zip codes where the wealthy reside, God bless those people and the politicos that serve them. HOWEVER if you call 911 from Harlem it takes more than 45 minutes for a response or blue arrival. Question: Who conducts mental health assessment of potential police recruits.

Fifty years and the U.S. has changed but not for the better. I still can’t believe that southerners and northerners have a problem with us and those brave youths whom survived

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