The Bride

The first time we came into contact I was 6 years old and it was Christmas Eve; Papa had concocted some kind of mix. A cocktail, I guess, but then Chacho, Joselito, Baita, Lito and Genaro carried me more like a ragdoll or Wizard of Oz scarecrow but I will never forget on la calle Duarte ending my courtship with my bride as my bowels spewed forth and my struggle with being began and it continues; as life is a journey undetermined by our daily to and fro but definitely shaped by our childhood experiences. To gaze into one’s eyes is a rare chance to peer the soul in its essence but to know the childhood of a perdon is a window fit for Soho loft and not some cramped quarters on Delancey street.
Alcohol is 😂, fun and a huge headache that breaks up families and causes eddies, whirlpools and just bad shit to take place.p>


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