Passive Aggressive, Not ME.

Mental health is a subject dear to me because I am very concerned that I may need help with my directness with people. One thing about me I am very blunt and honest, and frankly don’t suffer fools politely. I am frank, pugnacious and a hot head who clearly cannot play poker as my facial contortions TELL my emotions.

Most people that I come across especially my family members suffer in my view from the above title. Afraid to express true feelings by avoiding conflict. Phony first, hiding anger. Sarcasm is their balm and backhanded compliments their norm.

I don’t make excuses for my actions as I have always been consistent in my brattish self.

Sorry but not sorry; life is hard enough, sometimes maybe or maybe not: leave well enough ALONE and keep moving forward. Too OLD NOW TO change the unchangeable.

Trump is an unfortunate reminderer of what I do. Make folks extremely uncomfortable as I come barking up a tree. However I Am a Dominican schmuck; TRUMP runs the economy, AND is responsible for the words which make WHITE supremacists kill other Americans, Mexicans and African Americans. Watch out young voters, reject Trump.

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