Mike Tyson FOR president !

hey Mike ? Tyson ? YA???
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White Rage Subdued By US Military Display!

The Might of the USA military on full display due to the actions of ☝ dinosaur who sloughed off into Ignominy with HIS minions in tow carrying the weight of HIS inactions unto Pissterity FOR EVER and ever. — Martin Espinal (@MartinEspinal8) January 21, 2021

TheΒ WayΒ IΒ SeeΒ You

You keep asking meWhat do I see in you;But all you get is a blank stare,With a lot of hidden answers in my eyes.A lot of hidden answers in my eyes,… TheΒ WayΒ IΒ SeeΒ You


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One thought on “Mike Tyson FOR president !

  1. The thing I like about transparency is that the truth is out there already. You already know! Did the time and has become a better man and frankly if trump is president then Why Not Iron Mike Tyson? With his lisp he always reminds us of our own vulnerabilities and our childhood!πŸ˜₯πŸ˜”πŸ˜€


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