The Reluctant Biden Voter.

I am , but I will . God no other choice for me but to cast .

Otherwise I will go back to being a shithole countries Dude. I’m truly confused .

The facts are the following , the 1994 Crime Bill ; Clintonville . I’m sure that Jeffrey Epstein and Bill were MAD TIGHT, YO!

Kamala Harris is hated by many people that I know . Put Black, poor and Mexican too. Prison time during her tenure. Tough, resolute, tied her aprons to Willie Brown too. Attractive and primed for the 6 o’clock news!

Uncle Joe Biden is getting my votes Jajaja , trumps knows the tricks too. Votes. More than one time . Jajaja .

The United States of America in my opinion is still the only place for me . Trumps or Biden I don’t care dudes, I have grandchildren too. And I intend to be involved in their lives too. Thanks for sharing this with the one for you !

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