Walls Omitted Committed!

Inside and ours are still walks residing within out Walls of omission commissions Broker’s fees for selling out hearts emotions and what people hold gears fears dear! I am truly sorry for the happenstance loss and destroying the dreams of A family life time of 60 years and I effin messed up y’all! The truth! I duck up the love ❤️ I had Dag

3 thoughts on “Walls Omitted Committed!

  1. The walls are in place
    Defending the little bit left of adrenaline and dreams! But the only thing that really bothers me, is that no one cared enough to just say one word to me Of caution ⚠️ and reprieve!
    Stay away nah reversed and encouraged for the fleecing of ya poor sheep 🐑 ME! Daggers 🗡 and all the accompanying instruments 🎺 to remind everyone of the dangers of falling toot harp jazz and brown people Allahu Akbar God’s blessings to ya and ya family too Jajaja but not funny 😆 nah just plain old pain waking up once again and what are ya to do?
    Toot ya horns Jajaja and learn that in life it is Never too late to have a dream So go out there and dream 💭 it’s 👍🏾 Actually it’s good 😌
    Jajaja morning I hope y’all enjoy 😊 today Remember it’s a hard road ahead and if ya falter get up 🆙 and put one ☝️ 🦶 forward and start again
    It’s 👍🏾 for y’all to pray 🙏♒️🐕👍🏾


  2. The emotional tolls of writing ✍️ are sometimes only known to the writers of the poems but I will admit that it is a terrible thing to write about the truths of Ya verse and where they come from! The bottom of the barrel of Ya intestinal fortitude is where the lines are bred and born! There!


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