Black Is…!

Black is dark, black is bleak; black is scary but black is an adjective and Black is the financial equivalent of great success!

The Black Madonna comes to mind, prayers abound at her feet. Adoration of Dark Forces is also a fact! Flip sides of a record whose grooves have been worn down by too much use. Heard it before, Pavlovian responses are the key to the conditioning of the minds of people. Get them to hate themselves for being black and not an adjective but a noun then a verb then an alliteration or maybe a delusion of themselves , Mirage, should be the title of the book as Black folks strove for legitimacy and simple human respect but the Ivory Ceilings are fraught with institutional racism and the cords of slavery are never Not too far behind the police and the rest of their fascist state. George Floyd’s public lynchpin was no mistake it was a message from the Deep State, USA! Hey hey wake up to Black is… because Black does matter in more ways than one. Grey matter is the basis for more than mere discussions so is loamy soils; imagine John and Yoko dared us to conceive of a better person we could be, yet better still, Imagine a world where we don’t have the last two; grey matter and loamy soils?

Black is complex, not homogeneous by the stretching of the truth. Black is more never less. Dominant not recessives by now we should know that! But the whitewashed history version has constancy and remains in effect. How do you finish a musing with your brain burning from the knowledge that History is filled with lies and intent on making Black people hate themselves! Black Lives Matter because otherwise we will be lol DEAD!

Black is…not white.

2019 Will Be Better!

As all things in life we tend to be optimistic about our future because at the end of each day we have no choice but to. And upon awakening we have no other choice but to enjoy all opportunities to breathe and luckily see our family friends and all the wonderful things there are to see.

Also mindfully we are aware that our world continues to suffer as leaders are able to justify all their illegal activities. For our president to allow the crown prince of saudi arabia to get away with murder is surely criminal if not inhumane.

And as far as the immigration crisis goes there are NO answers as long as puppet regimes continue to kill their own citizens on behalf of corporate interests then WE in the u.s.a. will see more desperate people on our southern borders. It’s not Mexico it’s Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and other dilapidated economies in the southern region.

For sure shutting the federal government is a YUGE misstep that shows 45’s inexperience in these governmental matters. Merely blaming democrats isn’t the answer and sadly the workers that MAGA made so many promises to SUFFER AND CONTINUE TO DO SO!

BUT alas we must be positive Why? Because it is our American mindset. Stay strong everyone.