El Viejo San Juan

Adios, adios mi viejo San Juan,” the Puerto Rican of the 40’s and 50’s sang as he left his beloved island, Borinquen for the shores of New York City; seeking work and a better life for themselves and their children. There was nothing novel in that story, immigrants, but why leave “La isla del encanto,? Why flee when the rich can’t wait to get there to soak up the sun. The isle of enchantment, that’s Puerto Rico or it was before MARIA and IRMA wrecked everything!
But why leave a Caribbean island it just makes no sense. Neo-Colonialism where you take an island for its strategic importance and build multiple military bases to monitor the Caribbean region. Money, shipping lanes, commerce, capitalism, the Panama Canal, Teddy Roosevelt, imperialism, the Jones Act, Munoz Marin, the ๐Ÿ’Š, human experiments, Albizu Campos, statehood v independence and now Puerto Rico waits for FEMA, 45 and the ๐ŸŒŽ to help them and the entire Mar Caribe region. Let’s hope that help arrives in time.
Now as to why people leave beautiful islands behind don’t lie to yourself and say you don’t know why? Capitalism is about the bottom dollar; being “in the black” if you will and corporations work with governments to exploit the native populations. Puerto Ricans like Dominicans, Ecuadorians and then MEXICANS hard working, steadfast and responsible. But really if we lived on a Caribbean island, you think we would be in any hurry to leave. Neglect of duty and shirking responsibility leads to dereliction and dishonor, man up or stand DOWN! 45.

Trump’s Bombast

As of today, 45 will return to his native city to address the United Nations as to North Korea’s threat to the Free World as it launches missiles left and right of its territory. As we all know, “Boys will be boys.” That in my humble opinion is the crisis we face today. 45 and “Rocketboy” as far as we seen have small hands and are too overly preoccupied with their “manhood” and their show of false bravado are nothing more than hamming it up for public consumption. All this talk of war is nothing more than Madison Avenue being used to confuse the masses as the Big 3: Russia, China and the U.S.A. continue to manipulate and run this farce we call global politics. Go on with your lives and continue to love your families. 45 is a gasbag who would make a great cushion along with Rocketboy to sit on, but it would blow wind, you know? “Wind” like gas, passed.

Miscellaneous Thoughts In Imagery: Pictures Tell Stories As Photos Do.

Shenanigans has to be taken seriously because we ALL know that the president will try ANYTHING to remain in power. Interestingly, I find it quite odd that the same guy who rips into women all the time is NOW keeping QUIET vis a vis JOE BIDEN! Tara Reade doesn’t resonate with the prez i guess. Jajajaja!img_20200513_04340420200513_041644_film320200512_150329img-20200512-wa0000