Saturday night fever 🥵! Literally 🔥. Part 2.

TV viewers and Saturday don’t mix well but with the Covid19 things have changed dramatically. In a perverse way the virus 🦠 has forced intimacy and it can be a huge problem I dare say. In some ways it is a positive thing but overall no one wants the virus 🦠 around except trumps and his 🥾 lickers! I can’t breathe anytime I hear 5 Deferments speak. Yo dude ya a Draft Dodger man really ? Yet president I don’t get it I don’t!

November 3rd is ya day away 🙏✅🗳🇺🇸🇩🇴😷

The Move In By 👯‍♀️! – Site Title

On a Friday Joe met the exotic girl 👧 . She was gorgeous, Bella, and Rihanna-like. Crazy to behold such Beauty in One Bite; morsels of ya reckoning within Sight. In 3 days the 🇵🇷 Morsel was moved IN! She was wonderful for 3 months. Then she made her Move! On a weekend she called…
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The NBA playoffs and Luka Doncic.

The NBA playoffs are under way and the Dallas Mavs’ Luka Don has kept impressing. I am hopeful that he wins the MVP award. As far as the Sixers let’s hope that they find a coach that can get more out of the players . The Nets are woeful and they have not gotten Anything from the players either . Denver, good job. Bucks better show up. And lastly for today , my New York Knicks finally got a coach I love!