La Lectura Es Muy Importante.

La cosa no esta’ facil el COVID-19 acabando matando gente vieja y joven. Todos pensaron, viene el Verano van a ver k esta vaina se va! Mijo eso no es la Verdad. Trump no le importa na’! El hijo del Roy Cohn ese tiguere y su Fred lo jodio’. Este tostao no es guapo ni’ inteligente. Miren mi gente ustedes tienen que votar asi dejamos de Llorar! Tears of discontent and we are truly just tired of all the charades, stop playing with the people of the USA 🇺🇸! Vote 🗳 blue!

Hey Chief Justice Roberts, Kudos!

President trump must be stewing In Goya canned tomatoes 🍅 as the conservative head of the 9 has put him on Blast! Roberts correctly reminded us and the president that he is Not Above The Laws of the USA! I love the line, “nor entitled to a heightened standard of NEED.” Little hands you are not special ok! Now where are those Tax Returns? Let’s go hurry up Dude! Jajaja 🙏♒️🐕💯🇺🇸💕☮️👍