Trump’s threatened TikTok ban could motivate young users to vote, some say

President Donald Trump said he’s banning short-form video app TikTok. Users of the app say if he does, they’ll be motivated to vote this November.
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Messing with the wrong ones! Young people go to War not old G’s like me. We exhort and motivate. Young people DIE! Vote 🗳 young people.🙏♒️🐕🗳🇺🇸💎

Extranos En La Noche. Inspired by The New Yorker Magazine.

Strangers in the night

We’re in the White House, talking to the Don. What is he missing? What is there to eat?

It’s close to midnight, what is trump doing here?

It’s just me and him, we’re eating ice cream, biscuits and Mangu’…

It’s like the munchies

That you can’t resist-oh boy

That Haze was good…!

Arguing about Joe, we’re chatting Putin and Netanyahoooo.., maybe Duterte and some Stormy too…!

Oh.., the Demo…crats,

How will Trump win…

Then I brought up Mary

And the tone changed; he closed up then walked away and said, okay,

So at the end for strangers it turned out all right

For strangers in the Night; Do do do dodo, for strangers in the night…. da da da da…